5 Rugs That Will Complement a Bohemian-Style Home

Love the Bohemian lifestyle? You will be surprised to know that there is an astonishing number of bohemian rug styles in Australia. Whether you are a youngster or a 70s lover, allow these rugs to transport you to the fun and relaxed times.

The bohemian lifestyle is a go-to way for many Australians, who love watching a rugby match on a Sunday with a glass of chilled beer. Let cheap Bohemian rugs uplift your spirit and set the right vibe for your house. Let us find out about the five best Bohemian rugs to fill your house with style, positive energy and enthusiasm.

Boho-Spirit Agadir Festival Rug

This stylish Melbourne bohemian rug has a classic Moroccan style. With bold colours such as navy, blue, fuchsia, marigold orange, deep purple and bright yellow – this cheap bohemian rug is a jazzy all-rounder. A diamond medallion pattern gives it a vintage look, while colours like ivory and grey exude class and subtlety amid all the jazziness.

Made from 100% jute, its soft pile is 20mm thick and stain resistant. The Boho-Spirit Agadir Festival Rug is well textured and doesn’t fade easily. This rug is quite durable and is loved by your guests.

Leilani Boho Chic Cream Rug

The Leilani Boho Chic Cream Rug is yet another popular Australian bohemian rug. This handmade rug is soft and has classic geometric patterns. With a 70% Wool and 30% Polyester blend, this rug has oversized loops and rich flat surfaces.

This online bohemian rug is rich, yet sober and not as loud as other bohemian rugs. Its classy look makes it a perfect fit for your drawing room, living room, kitchen as well as empty spaces in your lobby or verandas.

Myk Grey Boho Diamond Rug

Yet another cheap bohemian rug with a Scandinavian design, this rug is ideal for your living room. It has contemporary geometric designs and is power-loomed. Made from 100% Polypropylene, the Myk Grey Boho Diamond Rug is easy to maintain.

The Myk Grey Boho Diamond Rug is quite durable and promises a large life because of its strong material. This bohemian rug is available online and can be used in drawing rooms as well.

Pasto Victor Blue Rug

The Pasto Victor Blue Rug is a power-loomed Australian bohemian rug and is capable of handling moderate to high-level traffic. Manufactured in Turkey, this rug offers a variety of vibrant colours and is easy to clean and is pet friendly. Inspired by the great ‘Inka Empire’ from pre-Columbian America, this rug style contains highly animated geometric designs.

Paisley Lattice Blue Rug

The Paisley Lattice Blue Rug is machine-made with a pile height of 10mm. This Melbourne bohemian rug is elegant and easy to maintain. Its polypropylene fibres make the Paisley Lattice Blue Rug a sturdy choice. With natural colours, the designs remind you of the beautiful natural environment.

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