Vintage Distressed Look Rugs

131 products

131 products

Rug Buy has an extensive range of distressed vintage rugs that are extremely affordable, where you can Buy Rugs Melbourne, while also visually striking. Our distress rugs for sale are widely touted as among the best in Victoria and you can be assured that when you get a distressed look rug from us, you will find exactly what you're looking for.

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When it comes to a piece of decor that fits with your home, the popularity of distressed vintage rugs and Flatweave Wool Rug cannot be understated. They are fresh and versatile, while also having a timeless appeal with contemporary designs. Distressed vintage rugs have an elegant finish and are made with an aim of deliberate beauty, where they can enhance the decor of a homes’ interior simply by being placed.

But this duty does not come at the cost of durability as distressed look rugs boast a high amount of longevity thanks to a strong option of base materials, which are long-lasting and can stand up to wear and tear without much difficulty.

A lesser-known advantage of distressed rugs for sale is that they tend to absorb noise in a given space. This means if you're an individual living in an apartment, then you don't need to worry about stomping around and giving the person living below you a hard time.

Distressed vintage rugs and Shaggy Rugs Melbourne are so beautiful that they are often not used simply on the floor. They are also patched or used as artwork, and it is quite common to see them being used as secondary decorations.