5 Things You Need to Know About Flatweave Rugs

Flatweave rugs are gaining popularity all around the world, thanks to their all-around capabilities. While they are highly useful in the summer because of their lightweight, flatweave wool rugs are ideal for winter use. There are many types of flatweave rugs, and each one has different properties.

If you have been looking for flatweave rugs in Australia to fulfil your requirements, you are at the right place. By the end of this blog, not only will you get to know some interesting facts about flatweave rugs, but you will also get to know about the best places to buy flatweave rugs in Australia.

The Weaving Technique

The weaving technique is the most important aspect of flatweave rugs. The base material (for example, wool) is woven around the warp thread pairs. The weaving can be done on a loom to ensure the base material is available on both sides of the rug, making it reversible.

Knots are usually not used in high-quality flatweave rugs, available in Australia or otherwise. Experienced craftsmen are employed for the best manufacturing, and there is simply no compromise on the quality.

Easy to Carry and Maintain

Contrary to perception, flatweave rugs are quite easy to carry. They are lightweight and easy to maintain as well. These kinds of rugs have less amount of material as they don’t have a pile. The maintenance of flatweave rugs is cheap for this reason. The amount of time consumed in cleaning flatweave rugs is also considerably less.

Flatweave rugs are also easy to fold and roll. The storage is easy, thanks to their flexibility. This is great, as most people usually only think of buying rugs for permanent properties. With the amount of flexibility that flatweave rugs offer, it is easy for people to move them around.

Long-Lasting Nature

Flatweave rugs are quite durable because of their low thickness and flat nature. There are other reasons for their durability as well, such as the consistent weave style with protected tips. Flatweave Wool rugs are also quite sturdy and don’t suffer as much damage as other Woollen rugs.

An Age-Old Legacy

As mentioned above, well-trained and experienced people are involved in the manufacture of flatweave rugs. Skilled artisans from various parts of the world, especially North Central India, weave flatweave rugs that are exported to Australia. Patterns and designs such as diamonds and other shapes are included in the rugs. Contrasting designs are added on each side to add variety and diversify the application of a single rug.

Variety of Material Combinations

Like flatweave wool rugs, a blend of cotton and wool can also be used to weave together flatweave rugs. Hand-crafted rugs of all material combinations can include many colours, dyes and styles. There are plenty of materials and designs available to suit different rooms as well.


Flatweave rugs are cheaper than many other types of rugs. This is due to the relatively low amount of time that goes into manufacturing the rugs. Flatweave rugs are highly affordable and are preferred by low-income as well as wealthy households all around Australia because of their quality.

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