A Geometric Rug Will Upgrade Your Design

Geometric rugs are a popular choice in Australia, because of the amount of creativity their designs offer. With a variety of patterns and textures, geometric rugs are bold and attractive. These rugs can elevate the look of your interior and can be added to almost any room of the house.

Thankfully, there are many colours, styles and designs available for geometric rugs in Melbourne. Geometric rugs are popular in Australia with art enthusiasts as well as free-spirited youngsters. Choose from a huge variety of geometric rugs and get to know more about this amazing style through this blog.

Material and Shape

The material used for geometric rugs is quite varied. One popular style of geometric rugs available for sale employs soft-touch polypropylene. Geometric rugs can be latex-free and can be hand-woven or power-loomed. Pile heights are usually one centimetre or more, and the shape is usually rectangular. However, geometric rugs are available in a variety of other shapes and heights as well.


The maintenance of geometric rugs available in Australia depends on their manufacturing. High-quality rugs are usually dense and long-lasting. Waterproof geometric rugs are easy to wash and maintain. These rugs don’t lose any charm as they are woven using modern weaving techniques and machinery.


The range of colours available for geometric rugs in Melbourne is quite extraordinary. While there are many shades of common colours such as grey, orange, yellow and green available; bold colours are becoming a norm. Bold ocean blue is a popular choice that goes with Australia’s coastal population and people who love water and bold colours.

Traditional Patterns

Geometric rugs available for sale have tremendous scope for traditional patterns. Be it a Scandinavian theme or a Bohemian style, there is plenty of room for experimentation available with Geometric rugs. Geometric rugs are quite transitional, as they are capable of employing the best of traditional as well as modern, contemporary design.

Traffic-Handling Capability

Premium-quality geometric rugs in Australia are capable enough of handling low to moderate amounts of traffic. Since the aesthetic appeal is one of the strong points of geometric rugs, you can do away with having them in high-traffic hallways and staircases. Kitchens and empty spaces in the living room, library and bathroom are ideal places to keep geometric rugs.


High-quality geometric rugs in Melbourne are stain resistant. Stains are common in Australian households, but well-woven rugs should be able to hold deep stains off. Stain resistance is one of the main qualities you should look at while buying a rug for your house, as it helps you save on maintenance costs and ensure a longer life for your geometric rug.

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