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Carpet Composition

1-Natural Fiber Rugs

Natural fiber rugs are the perfect decorative element to provide the natural touch you need in a room where you want to convey comfort and well-being, thanks to their pleasant touch or appearance. They are perfect insulators, both thermal and acoustic, and they look great anywhere and with any type of decoration, thanks to their design and versatility.

But if there is something that all-natural fiber rugs have in common, it is their high resistance. It is one of its greatest advantages, which, with proper maintenance, can last a long time in perfect condition.

Also, it depends on the fiber; they are hypoallergenic since dust cleaning is done very quickly, and its maintenance is very simple.

Wool Rugs

There are many reasons why you could opt for a wool rug. The first and foremost is that they have the property of conserving temperature, both in winter and summer, thus managing to provide a unique feeling of well-being in the room where you decide to place them. So, they also help save money on your electricity bill since not as much heating and air conditioning energy is wasted.

They also isolate noise and are fire retardant.

As they are natural fibers, wool rugs keep their color well for a long time and are very flexible; they have the property of resilience to regain their shape after having been supporting the weight of furniture for a long time (unlike synthetic fibers).

Wool rugs are very easy to maintain. It will be enough to pass the vacuum cleaner once or twice a week to leave them as new. It is true that at first, they shed a bit of fluff. This is because the surface wool strands are not knotted to the base of the rug and therefore loosen with use. Normally, during the first weeks, they tend to leave this lint, but after this time, the carpet will remain as new and will no longer shed lint.

2-Synthetic Fiber Rugs

The carpet of synthetic fibers was created initially with the intention of replacing carpets with natural fibers such as wool.

With these fibers, rugs of different designs and styles are created, from classic rugs to modern patterned rugs, fine rugs, long-pile rugs, carpets, custom solid color rugs, washable rugs ...Within synthetic fibers, there are various compositions of synthetic fibers. The best known are polypropylene, polyester, polyamide, chenille and synthetic viscose, acrylic, and vinyl.

Next, we are going to comment on the highlights of each of them.

Polypropylene Rugs

Among synthetic fibers, polypropylene is the most economical fiber. It is the fiber with which a thinner or thicker thread can be obtained, depending on the type of carpets, and on which various treatments such as heat-set or exelan can be applied, which improve its technical characteristics, making them softer or easier to clean. This type of fiber was created to mimic wool fiber (just like acrylic, but it doesn't shed any fluff).

With these fibers, most modern or classic style rugs are made. For this reason, and due to their low economic cost, they have been strongly introduced in the market during these years. This type of fibre has a normal resistance to use.

This type of fiber, as is the case with practically all synthetic fibers, is easy to clean since they are not very porous. It is, for example, synthetic fiber clothing. Stains are relatively easy to clean.

It must be borne in mind that in rugs, synthetic fibers are woven into a base or structure that can have other types of fibers or finishes, such as jute or latex, which should not be soaked. For this reason, the most normal thing is that a carpet is not washable. 

Polyamide rugs

Polyamide fibers are the most resistant within the range of synthetic fibers; that is why this type of fibers is widely used to weave carpets or models to make custom rugs. This fiber is also known as nylon.

It is usually woven for short or medium pile rugs or carpets and in solid colors. However, carpet is also woven a lot with a composition of 80% wool and 20% polyamide, in order to have all the benefits of wool fiber combined with the resistance to the use of polyamide.

This type of fiber offers very good resistance to use, and depending on whether it has any treatment applied, the fiber is quite soft to the touch.

Acrylic Carpets

The acrylic fiber was among the first to be used to mimic wool fibers. The touch of this fiber is very similar to wool. They can be tinted in very bright colors, and you can usually get very colorful rugs.

This type of fiber has a normal resistance to domestic use. This type of fiber at first releases some fluff because the threads with which acrylic yarn is obtained are short, very similar to those of wool.

It is true that less and less is used since fibers such as polypropylene or polyester are gradually replacing this type of carpet composition.

Polyester Rugs

Among synthetic fibers, polyester is the most complete. It has good resistance to use, they have a good touch, depending on the treatment it has, it can have more or less shine, its type of thread is from very fine to very wide and fluffy, so we can find smooth rugs with a water effect, for example, to long-pile rugs, fluffier and in matte tones.

With this type of fiber, long-pile rugs are made, or even washable rugs, depending on the type of base or structure they have.

Hopefully, we have helped you a bit in choosing which type of rug or composition fits your needs.

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