Know Your Rug Style: Traditional, Contemporary, or Transitional

In Australia, rugs are a great asset. Besides their usage, they are capable of elevating the look of your house’s interior design. There are plenty of options available today, but what exactly is your rug style? Do you want to buy traditional, transitional or contemporary rugs online?

What exactly is the difference between the three, and which one suits you the best? What are the parameters you must consider to choose the ideal rug style for your home? Keep reading to find the best resources to buy contemporary rugs in Melbourne.

Traditional Rugs

These rugs follow ancient styles from all around the world. Afghan, Victorian, Persian and Oriental are some of the most common types of traditional rugs. Some common features of these rugs are natural elements along with designs that resonate with the specific era or part of the world that they belong to.

Transitional Rugs

As the name suggests, transitional rugs offer a smooth transition between traditional and modern, contemporary rugs. They offer the best of both worlds and appeal to youngsters and veterans alike. The designs are colourful and classical. These rugs are slightly unconventional but contain enough traditional elements to appeal to purists.

Contemporary Rugs

Contemporary rugs are modern, vibrant, bold and stylish. They are unapologetic and boast of daring geometric designs. Their styles keep evolving with the changing times and are indicative of the latest trends around the world. RugBuy offers you a huge range of contemporary rugs online.

How to choose the Ideal Rug Style

Whether you should go for traditional, transitional or contemporary rugs in Melbourne depends on a number of factors. Let us have a look at all these factors to simplify the rug-selection process for you.

(1) Your Mood and Personal Choice: If you are a purist at heart, you would love traditional and transitional rugs. Many Australians living outside the cities prefer such designs. However, contemporary rugs are a hit in Melbourne and other cities that follow the fast life.

(2) Space: If you have a large amount of space, traditional and transitional designs would be ideal. They are highly artistic and a large amount of space will allow them to be more subtle and sober. However, contemporary rugs online are ideal for small spaces.

(3) Interior Elements: The existing design elements, such as the furniture, paintings, windows, wall colours, flooring and the amount of sunlight coming in help determine the rug style. Contrast is really important. For minimalistic designs, traditional rugs are ideal as they create a sense of style. If the design elements are already traditional, go for transitional and contemporary rugs online.

(4) Warmth: Traditional rugs, such as Afghan rugs and flatweave wool rugs are usually warmer as they contain wool and other elements that absorb heat. They are ideal for winter. Many transitional rugs also have wool and thick piles. Many contemporary rugs in Melbourne have less wool and are quite thin as well.

RugBuy has a wide variety of rugs with different features to fulfil the needs of all kinds of buyers. Our rugs are of superior quality, hand-made and machine weaved using the best techniques. Choose from a huge range of affordable traditional, transitional and contemporary rugs online.