Melbourne Cheap Rugs for Every Room and Style

Choosing from a wide variety of rugs can be a daunting task. Most people in Melbourne look for cheap rugs, but often make the wrong decision that defeats the purpose. While the price is an important factor, the size and style also depend on the room and your expectations.

Let us first have a look at the rug requirements according to different rooms in your house. By the end of this blog, we will know about many options for buying rugs in Melbourne.

Rug Size by Room Type

(1) Bedroom: For the bedroom, it is important to buy rugs of a size smaller than that of the space between the bed and the wall. Try to keep a gap of at least a foot between the edges of a cheap Melbourne rug, and the walls and the bed on each side.

(2) Living room: The living room is the perfect place to experiment. If you are looking to buy rugs online in Melbourne, prefer any comfortable style which is warm enough for the winter. Your rugs can fit under the furniture and can also be placed beside it.

(3) Dining room: For people planning to buy online rugs for the Australian dining room, remember that the rug should cover everyone’s feet. People prefer a warm surface under their feet, especially during winters. Ensure the rugs are big enough to accommodate the dining table and the chairs when pulled back for eating.

(4) Bathroom: Buying rugs for Melbourne bathrooms should be an easy job. You can use rugs to cover specific areas of your bathroom, such as the area right outside the shower or the dressing area. You can also place rugs under the wash basin or near the toilet area.

Popular Rug Styles

People planning to buy rugs online in Australia should be aware of the styles as well. While there are a plethora of rug styles, we would love to let you know a bit about some of the finest rug styles. Have a look at this list and decide the one you like the most.

(1) Persian Wool Runner: This cheap Melbourne rug is 100% wool flatweave and handmade. The Persian wool runner is fringed and made in Iran. Vegetable dyes are used to prepare the colours, and the finish is extremely attractive.

(2) Kabul Nights Red Rug: The Kabul nights red rug is a traditional Afghan rug with wool on a cotton base. It has floral patterns and is hand-made – perfect for winter evenings.

(3) Multi Moroccan Flexi Style Rugs: If you want to buy aesthetically pleasing rugs online in Australia, Multi Moroccan Flexi style rugs are the way to go. They are flexible, easy to maintain, durable and support hard use.

(4) Eclectic Flexi Style Rug: The eclectic Flexi style rug is a great buy in Melbourne. It is machine-made and ideal for the living room.

(5) Monaco Grey Flexi Style Rug: This cheap Melbourne rug is as beautiful as the European city-state, serene and flexible and has a universal appeal.

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